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Aseel Al Zahabi

for accounting and administration

In addition to general statements of accounts such as address and phone number and the nature of the account and the inherent quality gives you the following possibilities :
Freedom to define the accounts that represent the structure of the financial system of the facility and edit the relationships between them (based Accounting Manual ) .
Provides unique features in authentic follow the movement of accounts opened by: - ​​determine the balance of each account balance , show the account balance when you perform any movement it once selected , enter notes for the show when it was introduced account .
Inherent offers a separate indexes for index calculations for each of the : - Mordaan , Mozvien , customers ....... Authentic can also register more than one partition and dealing with more than one project within a single facility and to identify the over -funded and can inquire about these indexes, and modify them very easily during the conduct of operations . Authentic you can freeze the action with a particular account .
Authentic you to specify the account currency of your choice , and this does not prevent you from dealing with other currencies account when you enter the accounting entries , and documents.
Uses the inherent limitation composite way to give freedom to enter accountant restrictions. Note that the inherent system configures all necessary accounting entries for accounting operations automatically, with the ease of reviewing these restrictions and documents.


- Accounts and accounting entries
- Varieties and Stores
- Multiplicity of funds
- Multiple currencies
- Bills of exchange and receipts arrested
- Billing
- Offers
- Orders
- Wages and salaries
- Currency Rates
- Import costs
- Balance Sheet
- Reports
- Link all parts of each other and easily move from one place to another


For One Company
1 User :1500$
1 User + 1 Additional User :1200$

1 User + 2 Additional User :1200$

18 hour Training + Support

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